Here's To Second Chances

Making Vintage Gowns New Again

I believe in second chances. A well made wedding dress can and should be worn more than once. When I design and make bridal gowns I want it to last a lifetime or even be past down into generations.

Vintage bridal gown restoration is one of the specialized services I provide. To me, I find it fascinating, like a history lesson in garment making! Please read my post about choosing a vintage gown and what to look for in terms of state of condition. There are certain things that cannot be fixed, but fortunately there are more things that can and you’d be surprised!

You may have an heirloom or something you fell in love with at a thrift store, whichever it is I will take care of the cleaning, repairing and any design changes you wish to make it your own.

 Special Thanks to Deanna McCollum Photography

Vintage Dress Consignment

Bridal and Evening Dresses from the 20's to 90's

I am able to take in dresses on either a consignment, flat fee or donation basis. Some slight damage and discolouration is acceptable but nothing that can’t be fixed without a little effort. Most dresses will have THREE prices: As-is, Alter to Like New, and a Complete Restore & Redesign package. If you have any questions or if you’d like to submit a dress please email me.

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