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themed wedding dressesThemed Wedding Dresses or “Fantasy Bridal” means a tasteful blend of costume and bridal attire. If you have pictured yourself being married in an elegant medieval renaissance gown or maybe a recreation of a classic film costume than a custom themed wedding dress is for you! I can create the perfect gown to match your unique vision, a bespoke look crafted with an element of fantasy & intrigue, walk into the beginning of your fairytale.

I have always loved costume history and film. A lot of my inspiration comes from what I see in old films and historical adaptations. My very first collection was dresses inspired by famous film costumes including Scarlet O’Hara, Audrey Hepburn, Dorothy and Princess Leia.

I am really a true Fan-Girl at heart and I adore the idea of creating a wedding dress based off a costume or character. Just imagine the look on his face when you appear in a gown reminiscent to his favourite movie, comic hero or game character to walk down the aisle. It will be an entrance he’ll remember forever.

Halloween is the perfect time to throw a macabre masquerade or gothic ball of a wedding for all your guests. Make it memorable with a custom designed themed gown made just for you.


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