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Custom Costume Design

I have always had a special interest in costume history and design. In fact I get a lot of inspiration from it. So, in addition to bridal and evening wear, I can also design unique and creative costumes for a variety of occasions, for all ages and genders on a freelance basis.

Events and organizations for Theatre, Dance/Performance Art, Halloween & Cosplay, Student/Short Films and Costume Shops, I’d be happy to offer my designs services for.

Cosplay and want to learn how to make your own costumes? I’m always keen to meet fellow cosplayers and share tips.


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custom costume design - poison ivy

The process for designing is similar to that of bridal and evening wear. A consultation, sketches for design or designs, muslin fittings, followed by fittings of final product.

The only real difference is cut and material. Dance wear is cut close to the body for functionality and visual appeal.

The material can range from comfortable jersey knit to flowing, elegant fabrics that sparkle with sequins. Theatre costumes can span from historical influence to modern inspiration.

Ready to Amaze and Astound? Send me some photos of your costume idea!


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“There are no rules when it comes to costume design, every person is different…”

Bill Travilla (1920-1990), costume designer to Hollywood stars such as Marilyn Monroe