Bridesmaid Jewellery

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These delicate and unique jewellery pieces let you show your appreciation as gifts for your bridal party.

Made in the heart of Texas, USA – We’ll order them in specially for you.

Necklace Gifts

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About Bryan Anthonys

For women who create their own story, and make every precious moment count

Named after co-founder Amber Reynolds’ brother, whose young life was tragically taken due to a severe case of bacterial meningitis, Bryan Anthonys was founded from the verifiable truth that we are only given one lifetime isn’t something that is guaranteed so we shouldn’t waste it trying to be someone we are not. The brand was created in honour of Bryan, with the hopes that they could encourage others to make life meaningful.

Proudly Made in the USA

Celebrate + Shop From Home

Host a Bridesmaid Style Party!

With an at-home style party, everyone gets to try-on and play dress up.
You’ll have hands-on guidance from our designer, learning while making a memorable experience with your squad.