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Custom Design

Bridal Gowns & Evening Dresses

You have a vision of a gown in your mind and nothing you see in stores will do. Maybe you just have a challenging body type, maybe you want to avoid the overwhelming amount of choices that bombarded you. Finding the right gown is one extremely stressful aspect of wedding planning.

To get what you want, sometimes it’s just a lot easier to have it made.

Measurements & Pattern Draft

After approval of the design sketch, precise measurements will be taken and an initial¬†pattern drafted using cloth. This creates the fitting garment or “muslin”.

Fabric Shopping & Cutting

Once a muslin is fitted and any changes are made, the pattern is now ready for fabric. Laid out and cut carefully, each piece awaiting assembly.

Garment Sewing & Fittings

Depending on the design, the dress will be sewn bodice left either separate for the first fitting or basted to the waist seam. There will typically be 1-3 fittings at this stage.

Finishing Touches & Delivery

At last hems can be turned up and other hand-sewn finishing touches are made. After a final steam pressing, the dress is yours to keep.

1930s Atonement dress Keira Knightly

Emma H.


Britney is amazing! I absolutely loved my dress, and had so many comments on the day (and after) saying how wonderful and unique it was.

Arielle R.


She picked up on what I wanted right away and was super easy and fun to work with throughout the entire process. […] I love my dress and would absolutely recommend Britney to anyone looking for something uniquely beautiful for their day.

Amanda & Daughter Leila


We were really pleased. It was a very positive experience for us. No worries or anxieties. We were included every step of the way and it was amazing to see the process. The graduation dress was amazing. What talent in the design and execution.

Custom Bridal Inquiry

Given the amount of time it takes to create a bridal gown from scratch, there is limited availability.
Please fill out this short questionnaire so I can better understand you and your vision of the day!