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Dress Designer

Britney J. King

Britney has been designing and creating unforgettable dresses ever since her Grandmother Elise taught her to sew. Her passion for sewing lead her to custom bridal and evening wear and she hasn’t looked back. With a pure appreciation for simplistic vintage style and a love of film, comics and video games, Britney blends these together as inspiration in her designs. She feels that a dress can make someone feel like the person they wish they could be, if only for one evening. As someone who knows the struggles of self-confidence, Britney puts making you feel comfortable her first priority.

Call us Dress Obsessed…

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Choosing attire for a wedding is a huge, stressful task. At Elise Tonn Designs it’s our mission to unburden brides and make it a no-brainer for their friends to be bridesmaids. Because we certainly understand the emotional and financial pains accepting to be one can create. Eliminating the stress of ordering, working on a personal level throughout the process, and ending up with a dress they’ll cherish for years to come makes our hearts pitter-patter with joy. Because when it comes down to it…

It’s about leaving a lasting reminder of a very special day.

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