Britney Judith King

Owner & Designer


bridal gown designer Britney KingMy name is Britney J. King, the sole designer and force behind Elise Tonn Designs custom bridal and gowns. Growing up I’ve always found the true art in clothing design, for every aspect fascinates and challenges me to this day. I love the technicalities of pattern design, the beauty and genius of draping, forming fabric into a shape one stitch at time.

Graduating from my formal training at the Art Institute of Vancouver in 2007, I took a few years to hone my skills and get some real-world experience in retail and fashion marketing. Although dresses have always been a favourite specialty of mine, in school I never thought about designing wedding dresses. Then I met my now husband Ryan and things just fell into place as they say. In early 2010 I felt it was time to focus on building my identity as a designer and Elise Tonn Designs was born.

I would describe my style as classic and feminine with some vintage influence. I feel there is beauty in simplicity and that a wedding dress should only add to a bride’s beauty not distract from it. I find inspiration all around; be it art, books, film or nature. When I create a garment I put all my passion and effort into every stitch because that’s what it takes to make something amazing. It’s the blood, sweat and tears that make the rewards that much sweeter. I love creating elegant gowns for my clients. Fashion, style and fit are essential for a woman to feel great about herself on that special day, accomplishing that is why I do what I do.

“My goal is to give every bride the professional, personal attention she deserves.

Providing her a gown of absolute astounding quality and fit

making her feel as beautiful as her groom knows she is.”

Elise Martha Tonn

The Woman Behind the Name

Elise was born on March, 18, 1929 in Katarzynów, Poland. She was the daughter of German Nationals, her parents August and Berta, and along with her brother and two sisters lived in Poland until early 1945 when the Russians forced them out. That day would also be the last time she saw her father.

Separated from her family in the chaos she sought refuge in Dresden, leaving a mere three days before the first bombing on February 13th. She was eventually reunited with the rest her family in Germany.

It was the early 1950’s and Elise had found herself in the role of school teacher in the small town of Obersdorf and in love with a man named Arnold. Even though the man she had met was hardened by the cruelties of war it was the way he danced, especially the waltz, that made her fall for him. He promised her a life in Canada and in November 1952 she made the no small feat of escaping East Germany for Halifax. She made it across Canada by train and met Arnold in Revelstoke, BC.

On December 21st they were married and settled down in Beaverdell, he worked in a mine and she took to sewing and raising two children. By the time she had grandchildren she was a skilled seamstress, taking requests from family, neighbours and friends.

She was my Grandmother or “Oma” she was called by all her family. When I showed interest in sewing, she was more than happy to share her knowledge.

When thinking of what name to give my new business venture, I thought of my style and who I envision designing for. Strong, inquisitive, savvy females with class and charm; there was only one name that came to her mind: Elise Tonn.