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Updates have been a little scarce lately and that’s because of this new project I have been working on. Finally, it’s in its readiest stage and I’m thrilled to share with you Brilliant Paths.

Modern Zodiac Jewelry For Grounded Star-Gazers

As a young girl, the earliest piece of fine jewelry I remember receiving was a Gemini pendant that was engraved by my grandmother Elise. Since then I’ve always loved horoscopes, astrology, personology and so on. She also gave me a book on birthdays that I continue to reference still today when I meet new people.

The name Brilliant Paths is actually derived from that said book. June 5th to be exact. Let me tell you a little more about why I’ve started it.

Sometimes a light can shine so bright, they think no one sees them at all. I have always been about helping women feel the best about themselves and when something as tragic as a passing happens, it’s made me determined to do more.

brilliant paths zodiac jewelry

It’s Your time to Shine

So I’ve created Brilliant Paths, a curated jewelry line where proceeds go to women’s charities like Transition House, supporting women through domestic violence, homelessness and addiction. I hope you take a look and maybe find something for yourself, your mothers, sisters, daughters, friends or lovers.

For this launch period (until end of June) I will also be donating the same amount to the charity on Elise Tonn Designs sales of jewelry.

After all, we are all sisters helping sisters find their brilliant path.

Much Love, B

brilliant paths zodiac jewelry

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