Muslin Adjustments

This dress is finally ready to get some adjustments after fitting the muslin on the client. Luckily, for the most part, it fit great and only needs to do some design changes such as lowering the neckline and the back.

In the video, I tackle these small adjustments and prepare the muslin pattern pieces for cutting! Refresh your memory by watching part 1 first.

New Channel Merch!

Creating content for YouTube is a lot of work. I try to work videos in with something I’m currently working on so it doesn’t take time away from paying work. But that and creating consistently is becoming harder to do. For the first time I’ve created some channel merch, now you don’t have to buy a dress to¬†support the channel (although that’s pretty awesome if you do) there’s tanks, t-shirts, phone cases – something for everyone! More to come as well! Tell me what you’d wear to show Elise Tonn love!

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