Once again it is my absolute favourite time of year, Halloween! I’ve done a Poison Ivy costume in the past because ever since childhood I’ve appreciated her particular air of confidence. This year I thought the colour of my Handkerchief hem wrap dress was PERFECT for a Poison Ivy look.

Start Backwards

I changed up the usual method by starting with the straps at my back and draping them over my front. There’s a lot of crisscrossing so watch the video closely!

poison ivy costume 2018

Shoulder Work

I liked the way the strap ended up flowing out of the knot like a waterfall, I actually went back and changed the first shoulder so that they matched!

It’s in the Details

Using some leftover ivy leaves I added them to a few spots where the dress twists. Complete with a killer wig and some drama-filled eye makeup (I used the Hudda Beauty, Emerald Obsession palette)!

poison ivy costume


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