How does one pick a dress that you know you’ll look good in? Up until today, our bridesmaid dress offerings consisted of “only” the convertible wrap dress. I say that with ” ” because the wrap dress does offer plenty of style options in and of itself. But like everyone at some point in their lives, I wanted MORE. We’ve now got 4 different styles of modern tops and 4 classic skirts that you can mix to create the perfect combo for you and your body type.

The Thought Behind The Design

The goal for this first round (which I hope there will be many from now on) of dresses was to bring in some staples. Simple, understated looks that no one would protest keeping in there closest for years to come. I looked at styles of bridesmaid dresses from the past and compared them with what we see today, and voila! A collection was born. Well, in all truth, it was a lot more work than that. These are dresses that will let them, be them… Everyone is unique, isn’t that why you love them in the first place?


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