Hey, I’m re-creating my own Prom Dress circa 2005 from scratch.. again! The original was the very first dress I designed from pattern to final product. I lost track of it sometime after I moved away from home and have yet to have it turn up. So I’m creating the prom dress 2.0 here and making some slight improvements (from being a little more knowledgeable now) can’t wait to share the process! It’s a simple shape and something easy for my beginner sewers & subscribers to follow along!

Part 1: Draping

Starting with just a dress form here, only lines and muslin material to work with. This is how it all begins! Changing three major things about the dress:

  1. The neckline will have a proper gather opposed to the brooch which took in all the gaping of the neckline… oof, talk about turning a negative into a positive! (Still going to look for a similar brooch though)
  2. Front and back will have darts, I noticed there are none on the original and they were probably taken in on the sides, which works better with stretch and knits.
  3. Lining the dress and whether I still use a facing is still up in the air… it will be a surprise :p

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