7 Alternatives to the Classic Bridesmaid Dress

We all have a pretty clear picture in our heads about what a bridesmaid dress looks like… I’m pretty sure it’s pink and poofy. Times they are a-changin’ my friends! Time to wake up and smell the roses that are these alternatives or additions to bridesmaid dresses!

#1 Pantsuit/Jumpsuit/Romper

Whatever you prefer to call it it’s got one major difference PANTS. Yes, there is nothing worse than having to be in a bridal party and you absolutely hate dresses. We feel ya! Even though dresses are our main jam we definitely see the appeal of a jumpsuit or romper with shorts. We’ve added one to our current line of convertible wrap dresses because of that very notion.

#2 Skirts

Choosing a simple skirt is a great way to alleviate some tight budgets. Everyone can opt for the same skirt and choose plain tops or mix and match different styles and colours.

#3 Tulle Skirt or Tutu

Who doesn’t dream of being a ballerina, I secretly do, well maybe it’s not so secret because that’s me in the photo. Tulle is affordable and can go over any bottom really, it doesn’t even have to be fancy but the tulle makes it so. Fantastic! Pair it with a simple top and you’re set.

#4 Detachable Skirt Overlay

This is essentially the same as above but open in the front and made out of chiffon for sheer or taffeta or satin for a solid look. Great if you have an already have a more casual dress that you want to jazz it up to be more elegant.

#5 Bold Prints


What a way to add a splash to the look of a wedding. It could really be any sort of print or pattern: floral, tropical, gingham, plaid, tartan, polka dots. So many fun possibilities.

#6 Add a Jacket


You could make it casual with sweet matching cardigans or denim, adorable. Rock out in leather or keep it classy with suit blazers. Whatever the style it’s going to make the event unique and something to remember.

#7 Make it a Costume Party


For the most daring of us all… Making your bridal party dress in theme is something entirely outside the box. Call me because I want to be a part of it stat, thanks.

Now, What’s Your Vision?

Hope you found this list helpful and you now realize all the amazing possibilities out there. I still feel like the convertible wrap dress on its own is a pretty non-traditional form of a bridesmaid dress.

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