What Being a Good Bridesmaid Means to Me

There’s way more to it than holding the bride’s dress while she tinkles… Let’s discuss, shall we?

Now that 2017 is about to close, and the season slows for a short time, I always find myself doing a bit of reflecting. Especially this year where I find Elise Tonn Designs ready to shoot for bigger and better things. I also got to be a bridesmaid for the second time and witness some pains that my fellow maids experienced.

getting the bride ready

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My beautiful friend Asia got married on a spectacular August day. In the beginning, being the awesome friend she is and not wanting to put too much on my shoulders opted to have me make two bridesmaid dresses, mine, and the maid-of-honour. Leading up to the wedding it was coming clear that the others were having trouble finding matching dresses in the colour she had chosen. A common problem if ideally, you’re not wanting the mix-matched look. Easy solution; make the other two dresses, and I was happy to oblige. Obviously, it’s a special case so this is what I learned from our experience and other brides I’ve asked over the years.


Agreeing to be a bridesmaid shouldn’t be taken lightly! More than likely your bride has thought long and hard about who to ask so don’t feel like you have to answer right away. We all have different expectations when we think of being one in terms of costs, duties, time devotion and so-on. If it’s going to be a burden financially and time-wise just be honest and upfront. Both of you will be happier in the end!


The reason for asking you in the first place is that your bride knows she can count on you to help with decisions and experience this special time with her. So step up to the plate and make her proud. A wedding is a HUGE undertaking, and it takes a tribe. Remember this is a time to celebrate, laugh and make wonderful memories together!


Just a big fancy word for selflessness. Putting others before yourself because we’ve all heard the term “it’s all about the bride” which is true and not true. I believe the bride has the final say and sometimes a firmly planted foot can solve an icky situation. It’s because a bridal party can consist of all close friends or sisters but also people who barely know each other or maybe even girls who flat out despise each other. Happiness is contagious, and trying to please everyone is something I can certainly understand. But know that everyone has different styles, tastes, backgrounds and being conscious of people’s feelings is what true compassion is. We all have insecurities. Remember to think “how would that make me feel” before you diss a dress someone tries on. Sometimes the best decision is the one we make for someone else’s benefit.

Photos by Centric Photography


Final Thoughts

When searching on this topic I was a bit taken aback to find the top related terms for “bridesmaid” was “depression”, “sadness” and “stress”. To me, that’s sad. Why on earth then would anyone want to be a bridesmaid when it’s got that reputation. That is why I wrote this post. It’s always been a part of my mission to encourage and instill confidence because that’s what wearing a beautiful dress does for me. Brides, bridesmaids, grooms, everyone deserves to feel special and worthy of love!


Comment below on your thoughts or your own memories of being a bridesmaid, I wanna hear from you!


Stay true, stay you

As always,

Britney xo

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