Sewing an invisible zipper is intimating at first thought. But when you’ve got the right tools and the patience it becomes even easier. It’s tricky and takes practice. I’ve found this method the easiest way to accomplish this kind of zipper. Remember your invisible zipper foot!

First Steps

  • Prepare centre back seam, either sewing regularly to the end point of the zipper or leaving open for easier placement and access when sewing.
  • Crease the seam as a guide with an iron (or baste a seam line) on each side.
  • Trim any cross-seams, like a waist seam
  • Position the open zipper on one side and pin to lay flat


  • Use an invisible zipper foot! The roller or similar feature of this foot pushes the zipper teeth out of the way just enough to sew close to them.
  • Come as close to your end point as best you can!
  • Repeat with the other side. Check that the zipper is even by zipping it up and pinning at the top. Open it again and pin all the way down the zipper tape.

Finishing the Ends

  • To make a smooth transition from zipper to CB seam switch to a regular zipper foot and join it to the rest of the seam (if you left the seam open continue all the way down to the hem.)
  • You may have to go slightly above and/or to the left and that’s okay. On the right side, no one will know the wiser!

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