This video gives some tips on how to approach hemming a full circle skirt! If you’ve ever tried you probably noticed how tricky it can be turning up… what to do with all that extra fullness?! Well, give this a watch and find out.

3 Ways to Hem

Layer 1 is LACE, I used a narrow rolled hem. Stitched once, trimmed and then rolled over and stitched a final time.

Layer 2 is SATIN, a wider hem that I serged to finish. A basted stitch shrinks out fullness when pressed with a little steam. Hand blind catch-stitch to make a nice clean right side finish.

Layer 3 is LINING, done the same as previous layer, except with a machine straight stitch.


End Result

This wedding dress is inspired by the bride’s grandmother’s wedding dress from the 50’s. Tragically that dress was ruined beyond repair in the Calgary flood a few year’s back. The Bride and groom are swing dancers and planned a dance for their big night. It was a special project to be involved in! This dress also marks the first time I have outfitted the entire bridal party, bride plus 5 wrap dresses. See more of the full dress in my portfolio!

50s inspired lace bridal gown


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