A summer wrap dress style complete with flirty bow! Used is my convertible wrap dress classic with a chiffon overlay, in the colour Iris. Start the style off with a strapless and tie as many times as you can until you can tie the bow.

This is the look I wore to our 5th wedding anniversary dinner. I was such a beautiful day, we took the final look shots at the pier in Sidney.

multi-wrap bridesmaid dress victoria

Step 1

Create strapless style, either straight or sweetheart (I did straight). The front drape-over with one strap is completely optional.

Step 2

Wrap around waist until there is enough to tie the bow.

Step 3

Drape one strap over the shoulder, coming from the back. The other wraps around and meets the other in a tie that sits slightly under your collar bone.

multi-wrap bridesmaid dress victoria

Don’t worry if it doesn’t looks exactly like mine (truth be told I changed it slightly one I wrapped it on myself.) Just have fun and be creative!

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