I made this small (but fun, hope you dig the music for each era!) video showcasing a few of my vintage wedding dresses that I’ve started to collect. I’ve been holding onto them hoping to get around to making some changes but I though maybe I should just put them out there and see what happens! There is only really two that would need a lot of repair, they also happen to be the oldest.

I’m always on the lookout for new pieces, feel free to contact me if you think you might have something.

You Dirty Dress

Just take a look at this 50’s style dress, probably the dirtiest I have ever seen, there was no way I could photograph this nicely so… off to the tub it went.


And after some gentle but extensive cleaning (10+ hours soaking in oxyclean and detergent):

cleaned vintage 50s lace and tulle wedding dress

You can read more about my method on cleaning vintage dresses when I restored my grandmother’s dress.

The Giveaway Contest Winner is…

Jennifer from Victoria (No way!) AUSTRALIA! That’s awesome, but sorry it won’t be there for Christmas!

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