This is how I made a silk wrap around sash on a 1930’s style dress.


You’ll need general sewing supplies (machine, thread, scissors, needles etc). I used Stretch Silk Charmeuse for the fabric, 4 metres or your desired length of your sash. Make the width as wide as you want. Mine narrowed in the centre and had a seam, but you can definitely cut your piece as one whole one – just double the width and cut on the lengthwise grain.

Sewing Steps

  • Sew any seams so that you end up with only the surrounding edges left
  • Sew around the sash by placing the pieces right-sides together or by folding over if you’ve got a single piece
  • Back stitch at corners and pivot
  • Leave a gap about 2-4 inches
  • Turn sash right side out and iron flat
  • Hand sew the opening closed

Sounds easy enough? Watch the video for more detail on this project!

1930s Atonement dress Keira Knightly

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