A really easy DIY sewing project, a little girl’s tutu. Very little sewing involved. The one I did was a floor length one, but you can make it any length!


– At least 20 yrds of tulle ) experiment with multiple colours if you wish!

– Scissors or rotary cutter

– Rulers or cutting mat with grid.

– 0.5″ to 1″ wide elastic, depending on child’s size.

– Sewing thread/machine

Step 1: Measure length

Measure the length of the tutu you wish to make from the waist of your little model (floor length or shorter). Use a tape measure or hold the length of tulle up to her body and cut at desired length. Use the piece of tulle as a guide for all remaining pieces.

Step 2: Cut out the Tulle

The overall length of each strip is your measurement from the waist x2, since the strips are double in order to loop over the elastic. Add a little extra to be safe, you can always cut later. Fold over the tulle your official length and cut. If the overall length is shorter than the width of your tulle, ie. 54″, you won’t have to unfold and spread the tulle from the bolt. Just fold once on the crosswise and cut. You will have to cut the fold from the lengthwise though.

You don’t have to cut straight, don’t worry! The overall fullness depends on the width of your strips. I recommend 10-27″ wide, it depends on how fluffy you want it and how big your child is.

Keep repeating until all the tulle is cut, you should have several pieces and more is better!

Step 3: Sew Waistband Elastic

Cut your waistband with an extra 2″ to the waist. Overlap each end 1″ and sew with a double row of stitching making the band secure to stretch.

flower girl tutu

Step 4: Attach Tulle

Take a strip and fold in half, place behind the elastic band and loop the remaining strip of tulle through the loop. Tighten the knot just enough to cover the white of the elastic underneath. Continue with all the pieces until finished, stopping whenever to make sure any spaces are covered and gaps don’t appear.


And that’s really it! The simplest way to make a fun tutu for dress-up, dance, flower girl or whatever! Its a really fun project that you can do with your little one.

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