Elise’s Restored 1952 Vintage Wedding Dress Photoshoot

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Elise’s Restored 1952 Vintage Wedding Dress Photoshoot

It’s like when you were a little girl, trying on your mother’s clothes. A dress is more than just fabric covering a body; it can hold a feeling, a memory… and nothing is more special than a wedding dress. When you put on a dress that was worn by someone close to you you get sense of how they felt that day, bringing you both closer than ever. Whether they have left this earth or not, that emotion and energy still remains.

A Walk in the Gardens, Oma Bringing Out the Sunshine

I’m so happy to finally have some nice shots of this dress that I have worked on for quite awhile. A little bittersweet that it is all coming to an end. The dress will remain in my possession of course, using it as a fine example of restoring a vintage wedding gown to future clients. You can read all about this shoot it in my last post!

Please enjoy these photos taken by the lovely Hattie Root, featuring a bouquet made by Brown’s.


hattie-1 (1)

Photography: Hattie Root Photography

Flowers: Brown’s the Florist

Location: St. Ann’s Academy, Victoria, BC

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