How to store a wedding dress for safe keeping using a special clothing preservation archival box.

Basic Tips Breakdown

  • Clean & dry the dress first. This can be spot clean if the garment isn’t that dirty or if it is delicate and/or vintage. Otherwise spend a pretty penny at a dry-cleaner that specializes in bridal gowns.
  • Wash hand before handling or wear clean white cotton gloves.
  • Short dress – place bodice in box first, long dresses – align the middle of the dress with the centre of the box.
  • With each fold remember to place a layer of acid-free tissue paper to protect the dress from touching other parts.
  • Stuff tissue in bodices that have shaping so they don’t become flattened.
  • After wrapping store and keep in a cool, dark place like under a bed or closest. Not a basement or attic!
  • Take out your dress every year or so to avoid creasing and check for stains that may have appeared.


Photos by: Hattie Root Photography, Victoria BC

Flowers by: Brown’s the Florist, Langford BC

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