A Chinese-Inspired Mock Wedding that WoWed! – Women of Weddings

This past August I had the opportunity to partake in a mock Chinese wedding where my two of my dresses were put on the spotlight! It was something else to see my work walk down the aisle. Some glorious fun for sure, and thanks to all the Victoria WoW members, models and guests that showed up for the evening!

80’s Dress Turned Modern Chinese Wedding Gown

The gown I chose for the bride to wear was my 80’s dress that I have been working on since last year. This event put the fire under me to complete it and it turned out lovely! See the before and after here, it will blow your mind!

Versatile Wrap Dress With Asian “Twist”

This event really show how amazingly versatile the convertible wrap dresses really are! With a last minute model change there was no issue fitting the dress. The bandeau top underneath provide more coverage and allowed me to wrap our pretty little (15-year-old) model in an Chinese inspired style. The red was also a brilliant color and a very traditional one at that.

Big Shout-Out to the Other Sponsors

See more for the event on Victoria WoW’s Blog:

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