Pale Pink Grecian Gown

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Pale Pink Grecian Gown

This bohemian, grecian style bridal gown is my latest design. Now that its complete you can see a slight retro 1970’s influence, made to look vintage, while not actually being vintage!

It very much reminds me of a dress my Grandmother had when I was young. A regular occurrence was my sister and I trying on her clothes and shoes, made us look and feel older than our barely pre-teen selves. I fell in love with this peach gown with wide winged sleeves and silk that just floated effortlessly.

I often think about that dress and how it was probably the first dress that I actually felt what an gown should feel like when worn. To that day I had never seen or had on anything so elegant. I remember how upset I was at her for donating it… This is the closest I’ve come to recreating it!

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