A Prom Dress Worthy of a Red Carpet

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A Prom Dress Worthy of a Red Carpet

Completed this red prom dress recently and it’s an absolute stunner! The material is a heavier stretch satin and has a low deep-v neckline, waistband and full gathered skirt. So proud of it and making it took me back 10 years to my grad…

Flashback 2005

This month will make it 10 years since I graduated high school, and while making my latest design it did take me back a little to that time. My prom dress was the first dress I designed pattern and all. It was a HUGE deal for me, and I really loved the way it turned out, for being my first design that is. Looking at it now it was pretty simple style, however, the experience really gave me a sense of the benefit of having something made to suit your style and body type.

Even though I was pretty shy in high school, I remember I wanted my dress to make me stand out. After several sketches and one muslin that I completely scratched; I came up with a simple sheath dress with a deep-v neckline, centre brooch, and slight train. And.. oh yeah… it had to be HOT PINK!

Both dresses are eye-catching and sure to turn some heads, isn’t that what a red carpet is for?


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