The amazing thing, I find, about a vintage dress is the history it seems to hold. But what if that history has left a beautiful dress yellowed from age? About a month ago I got around to looking through my Grandmother Elise’s suitcase that my aunt had bestowed upon me. I was merely expecting to find lace and other drapery but to my surprise I found, what I later confirmed, her very own wedding dress.

A Treasure Found

As you may have read here on my about page my grandmother, Oma as I knew her, came to Canada from Germany in November 1952. She was pretty hastily married to my already waiting grandfather December 21st in Revelstoke. Restoring and repairing the dress became my own mini-mission and I plan to properly archive it for the future. Such a valuable piece of her history, mine, and now Elise Tonn Designs. A true testament to her classic, effortless style.

Part I: Cleaning

I have detailed the hand-washing process in previous post, so this time I wanted to make a video. My goal was to get the dress whiter or at the least get rid of the terribly musty smell! Boy did the water turn a nasty shade of yellow… In the end I am thoroughly pleased with the results. Next I will highlight the small repairs I did with an upcoming video.

Happy Birthday to Elise & Elise Tonn Designs!

I’d like to wish my Oma a Happy Birthday tomorrow, I know she is watching over me proud as ever! Five years ago I started to follow my dream and haven’t stopped since. Perhaps one day, 60 years from now, someone will find one of my dresses in a suitcase… Until next time!

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