Moving On Up!

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Moving On Up!

Over the holidays my husband and I found a new place for us and Elise Tonn Designs to call home! It’s in a commercial area and will have more room for me to do my work, actually a whole entire room! The big moving day is Jan.17th! Take a look above at the photos.

I will have to apologize for the current state of my studio, packing is probably my least favourite activity! So if you are coming for a consult I will give you fair warning. To all my current clients, I will be taking great care in moving your fabric, patterns and other materials of course. I can’t wait for you to come by the new space!

One last week and we can start a whole new chapter in our lives. Now that I figured out how to transport my sewing machine by unscrewing one screw, I am beyond excited!

Stayed tuned for further updates!

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