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That’s A Wrap – Convertible Dresses

You’ve probably heard them as infinity, twist, or even octopus, but convertible wrap dresses are a huge favourite for bridesmaid attire.

Why They’re So Cool

Literally worn a 100 ways, these dresses never get old. It’s like wearing a new dress every time. Bridesmaids can wear them over and over long past your wedding day. Essentially it’s a skirt of stretchable jersey and too long straps used to create variations by wrapping and twisting around your upper-body. It’s incredibly easy and fun. Your bridesmaids will have a ball dressing each other and coming up with styles. There is just so many possibilities!

My Convertible Wrap Dress Collection

Like all my other designs, these dresses are made on a per order basis. The material is high quality, super silky, polyester jersey that stretches and forms to each body no matter the body type and no alterations are necessary. A convertible wrap dress is perfect for traveling to destination weddings as the material is incredibly wrinkle resistant and can simply be packed in a suitcase. Read more about what comes with a wrap dress commission here.

Colours and Styles

I am offering two different lengths in these dresses: Knee and Floor. I hope to have a sample made soon of the floor style. It will be a column-style dress that has gathers at the waist.

You also have the choice of adding a chiffon overskirt for an extra elegant touch. I hope to have a sample made soon of a floor length with a chiffon overskirt.

Colours are as follows but are not limited to:


By row, starting from the top left:

  1. White, Iris, Emerald, Charcoal
  2. Vanilla, Lipstick, Siren, Cocoa
  3. Mint, Orange, Olive, Black
  4. Spearmint, Poppy
  5. Sky

Best of all- a volume discount!

Pricing is determined by the quantity and unlike my custom design commissions, the material for these is included in the cost.

$129 – $159 each!

optional additions:

(costs are per dress)

+ a tube top (provides extra coverage) for $10
+ floor length add $20
+ organic bamboo jersey for $30
+ chiffon overskirt $50

Place An Order

Or Read more on the Convertible Wrap Dresses product page!

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