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This week I went to attend another great Women of Weddings (WoW) event and mingled with my fellow Victoria wedding industry gals. If you have not been to the Gardens at HCP I highly recommend it! Makes a beautiful wedding venue. Also there was some beautiful tables done by Josephine at Victoria Vintage China Rentals. If you love all things vintage and eclectic little treasures and want a really authentic, charming decor for your wedding give them a visit! They really have everything and more. Anything from china and antique furniture to rustic/farm pieces. Here are some photos of the tables at the event:

Summer Gowns Galore

Things are certainly heating up here in the studio thought I’d give a quick run-down, helps me keep my sanity a bit.

It’s the middle of June and I have currently two gowns in the works for late summer/early fall. Two very different styles, one is super sexy and revealing, the other one is a lacy vintage number. Both are going to look amazing and I can’t wait to finish them to show them off. Here’s a little sneek peek of the muslin I’m working on:



Also have a small hemming project in the works and a goal to FINALLY finish the rest of the bridal skirts. A new collection page will follow once they are complete!

New Hangers For Clients


Got my Martha on and made these classy hangers for new gowns and skirts. Solid maple wood hangers with a tidy black satin bow. They come with chrome hooks, a contoured shape, and of course, the ability to hold skirt loops, an absolute must when displaying bridal gowns. These are going to look great in your “hanging gown” photo prior to dressing.

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