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The Quest for the Perfect Shoe

Look No Further Brides!

I have discovered an amazing online company to solve your dilemma for the PERFECT bridal shoe, or any shoe really! I have nothing but praise for Shoes of Prey, they helped me out with my Wasp costume last month. Thanks to them I was able to design my pair by choosing from a number of customizations like toe shape, heel height and style, right down to the material and colour (which I gotta admit was my favourite).


So many options to pick from, so many looks you can create. And the best part – free shipping, 365 day returns and free remakes if they aren’t what you expected. Now that’s smart, a great way to gain confidence with their customers, and it works. And if you don’t feel like spending the time designing you can look at their gallery and choose a pre-designed pair.

I wish I had heard about Shoes of Prey when I was getting married or for my prom. With both occasions I never found what I truly wanted and in the case of my wedding I bought some relatively expensive shoes – on sale, in my wrong size and never ended up wearing them. Instead I wore $40 flip-flops I wish I hadn’t. So you can understand my excitement when I came across this site. They’ve been around since 2009 and hail from Sidney, Australia.

Watch Co-Founder Jodie Fox run Bondi Beach in 4.5″ Gladiator heels, it’s quite impressive.

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I also love them because we share the same core values. Every woman has a uniqueness and a style all her own, and no one knows yours better than you. Like me, Shoes of Prey helps you show that uniqueness with custom designed creations. All the shoes are individually handmade and the workmanship is of the highest standards.

From the pattern to the final stitch, every Shoes of Prey product is crafted by master artisans to your exact specifications...

I now have tons of promo literature courtesy of SoP to give to my clients.


To show off a bit of the customizing you can do I’ve designed a couple styles. I want to choose one “Elise Tonn” pair to use in photo shoots or as a sample try-on pair. Let me know your vote in the comments or by liking the Pinterest pin for the shoe of your choice.

Follow Elise Tonn Designs’s board SoP on Pinterest.


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