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Marvel At The Amazing Wasp Cosplay

Geeks, Nerds, Fans – Unite!


What a crazy week! My cohorts and I accomplished 2 insane comic and entertainment conventions in a row, let’s just say I’m exhausted (especially since contracting the worst cold/flu ever inthe aftermath).

The Cosplay seen at the things are amazing to say the least. So much talent and hard work goes into these costumes just show off someone’s fandom and it can really be of anything.

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Comic Heroes Remain Supreme

This year we chose to portray original Avengers (from Marvel comics) Ant-Man and Wasp; married in the comics my husband and thought it would be a good fit. Turned out our instincts were spot-on, we took home the award for “Cutest Couple” in the costume contest in Vancouver.

Design and Concept

When coming up with the design for my Marvel’s Wasp costume I wanted it sort of 60’s-esque with a futuristic space disco kind of vibe.

The bodice has angled seams that alternates with yellow and black satin. The front has a deep-V neckline with sheer mesh insert and the back also has a round mesh insert.

The skirt is a bias cut, full circular with horsehair braiding in hem to hold it’s shape. The entire thing is un-lined, but has serged, faced or bias covered seams.

Special Thanks

I have to thank Whiplash Customs who did a wonderful job fabricating the metal framework for the wings. They even are fastened in a way that they open and close which made for easy transport. I added extra wiring to look like more “veins” and covered everything with nylon. After concealing the back spine of them in ribbon I created some straps with some good old velcro. The wings made the whole costume and brought so much attention.

I should also mention Whiplash also made Ant-Man’s helmet and you can read about the process on their blog here.


My Wasp shoes are made by Shoes of Prey a fabulous online custom shoe store from Australia, I will definitely be making a future post about them.

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