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Why Choose a Vintage Wedding Dress? – The Etsy Blog

Came across this wonderful post Why Choose a Vintage Wedding Dress? on the Etsy Blog that really summarized everything you need to know if you are contemplating a vintage wedding dress. I have been getting a lot of requests for this recently, especially for altering them into second options for the big day, I am currently working on one at the moment.

What to look for, and what to avoid…


The Etsy post brings up a lot of good pointers like what if you are not a size 4? As most dresses you’d find are on the smaller sizes. It also gives a good overview of the styles of each era so you can figure out what style best suits your figure.

The deal breakers mentioned by Etsy are good ones like dry/rotting or faded fabric, stains on satin, those sort of things cannot be fixed without completely replacing which defeats the whole purpose of vintage. Tears that are not on a seam, breaks in the lace, even underarm stains (if the style permits it), believe it or not, I see as being fixable if you are willing to put the money into the dress. On the dress I am working on now I will be lowering the underarm slightly eliminating any staining all together.

Something Old into Something New

I love the idea of re-purposing and giving old things a second lease on life. This  why I have three wedding dresses waiting to be transformed into updated, beautiful modern gowns. This will be my fall project… not a small task for sure. I planning on putting a lot into these dresses, taking the best and most interesting details and adding to them, whilst taking away the not-so-good. Stains, wear and tear the dresses I pick up certainly need some help there. In the end I’ll be able to sell them as complete, one-of-kind pieces.

If you love vintage, love wearing it, and want to on your wedding day then let me help. I can alter or design a re-purposed vintage gown for you or stay tuned later this year for three original Elise Tonn Vintage creations.

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