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Pull Off an Original Hero Costume With Success

Coming up with an original hero costume is no easy task. Most concepts are done and sometimes overdone, so coming up with new unique character is quite the challenge. Being an avid Cosplay fan and occasional participant I have seen good reproductions of famous costumed heroes in plenty, but there is something to be said for those brave individuals who choose to create their own, and do it well. It can be a hit and miss, the character has to be strong and the quality exceptional.


I recently got to conceptualize a costume for an environmental themed hero for an upcoming Vlog that will help families and individuals lead more sustainable lifestyles in a fun, entertaining way. The whole idea is brilliant and headed by a super-passionate marine biologist Sarah Cook. I will be sure to provide some links once it gets off the ground.

The costume is inspired by the Roman muses, since “Envira” uses earthly inspiration as her special power. I wanted her to look strong, but not threatening, and wise. I mentioned it back¬†in this blog post.

Made from stretch suiting and jersey knit, this dress slips right on. Cape is detachable by means of a clasp on the shoulder and buttons along the front. Looks great either way. In one of the photos above you can see the suede cord roped around the left shoulder. The waist cincher is a bit different from my original sketch, I found these perfect clasps and just had to use them!

See some more completed photos as well as some work in progress photos in my portfolio.

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