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Set Piece Creations – Join in the Act October 2013

With summer coming to an end you are probably thinking the fun will too. Do I have the answer to your woes! Starting October 28th is a fun event that should interest anyone who enjoys writing, acting or just like hanging out with people in a creative atmosphere. It is called Set Piece Theatre!

I will be working with the creator Craig Spence in terms of costumes and character concepts. He describes SPT as:

a hybrid of improv theatre and studio photography that allows participants to develop and express the highlights of a performance without having to master the specialized skills writers and actors take years to perfect. In a phrase, Set Piece Theatre is Creative Fun.

Craig will help develop and adopt characters for everyone who participates while moulding out a detailed storyline. My job will consist of meeting with each person individually and giving their characters a unique look and feel, making their characters a reality through costume. What’s even cooler is participants will act to act out key scenes and be photographed for what I liken to a live-action comic. A really awesome gift or just memorabilia for a great time had doing Set Piece Theatre!

For more info & to register visit:

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