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Current Projects Keeping Me Busy

There are couple of exciting things I’ve been fortunate to be involved with summer. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Design Projects

I have designed four bridesmaid skirts for an August wedding in Whistler. They are so cute! I’m really loving this idea. I think if I get some time I might fine tune the patterns and make some variant designs and sell them as a staple. We’ll see! For now you can see the progress in the muslins and the beginnings of the final product (the coral color).

Another project I will be getting started with is a costume for a client starting an environmental vlog. She wanted something cool, super hero-esque with Roman influence. The last photo, the sketch, is the concept I have come up with and can’t wait to get started. I really believe in her cause and I will share with you the details at a later point.


Now I don’t normally do alterations but I agreed to some special cases this season. One being a grad dress for a friend’s step-daughter, so I was happy to lend a hand.

My other job this month came from the super talented magic-duo from ¿Qué Bolá? Magic. Now I can’t say too much as I am sworn to secrecy, but I can say this is going to lead to some pretty amazing opportunities for costume design for me.

Down The Road

This fall will prove to be exciting, I am co-producing a workshop with local writer, Craig Spence, and the Mary Winspear Centre for Set Piece Theatre. I will write about this later on as well but I’m super excited to be involved in some more costume work.

I’ve booked another client for a wedding this September and another for September 2014! These both came in the same day, which is just crazy. I am still trying to finish at least one gown of my collection by early next year, it never ends! I can’t complain though!








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