What to Expect at a Muslin Fitting

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What to Expect at a Muslin Fitting

A muslin or “toile” is a crucial step in the design process of your gown. It allows the fine tuning of any ease and any slight adjustments that need to be done to the pattern.

The fabric which is an unbleached cotton, is not pretty at first sight. Sometimes my clients are a bit taken-aback because they are expecting their dream dress in muslin form, which is not the purpose. When this happens I reassure them and to have a little faith. This part o the process is more for my benefit, to help me achieve the right fit before moving on to the next final phases. The good ol’ saying “measure twice, cut once” certainly pertains to this situation.

Tips for the client when going to your first muslin fitting:

  1. Wear the undergarments and shoes you will be wearing on the day.
  2. Come relaxed, don’t be worried you haven’t lost those extra pounds yet. It is still early in the process and any changes can be gradually adjusted along the way.
  3. Come solo. I’m all for guests tagging along for final fittings of course, but with these early stages being as technical as they are I prefer to have all the focus I need.

It may take 2 or 3 muslin fittings before starting on you final design. After everyone’s happy the final should be a breeze.

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