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As some of you know I named my business after my grandmother, and I thought I would tell you a little bit more about her. You can read the  following on my new bio page there you can also find more info about me.

etonnElise was born on March, 18, 1929 in Katarzynów, Poland. She was the daughter of German Nationals, her parents August and Berta, and along with her brother and two sisters lived in Poland until early 1945 when the Russians forced them out. That day would also be the last time she saw her father.

Separated from her family in the chaos she sought refuge in Dresden, leaving a mere three days before the first bombing on February 13th. She was eventually reunited with the rest her family in Germany.

It was the early 1950’s and Elise had found herself in the role of school teacher in the small town of Obersdorf and in love with a man named Arnold. Even though the man she had met was hardened by the cruelties of war it was the way he danced, especially the waltz, that made her fall for him. He promised her a life in Canada and in November 1952 she made the no small feat of escaping East Germany for Halifax. She made it across Canada by train and met Arnold in Revelstoke, BC.

On December 21st they were married and settled down in Beaverdell, he worked in a mine and she took to sewing and raising two children. By the time she had grandchildren she was a skilled seamstress, taking requests from family, neighbors and friends. It was her granddaughter Britney who showed an interest in sewing and she was happy to share her knowledge.

When I decided to start custom dress designing, I couldn’t have chosen a better name. She is the reason I am on this journey, I feel so blessed to be able continue her passion through me.

I am at the point in my career to clearly define my style and who it is I envision designing for. Strong, inquisitive, savvy females with class and charm; this was my Oma, and I can only hope an ounce of those qualities are passed onto my Brides when creating their perfect dress.

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