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Dupioni Silk is luxurious type of silk created from the threads of two different silk worms. The threads are rougher than most silks and causes a natural irregular and rough texture. The fabric is light, has a lovely sheen and presses nicely creating a crisp finished product. A another great thing about it is the right and wrong sides are identical, meaning it is acceptable for both sides to be visible.

There is hardly any stretch with this fabric, so make sure the fit isn’t too tight. It also tends too ravel and get pulls, which is what bothers me, but it just looks so pretty!

As you can see from the second image in the gallery that taking extra care when ironing is necessary. NO STEAM, any water can cause permanent spotting. I also use a silk organza pressing cloth to be safe. For laundering I would recommend dry-cleaning, some may suggest hand-washing but this may soften the fabric and shrink, better to be safe and dry-clean.

When storing I would wrap the garment in cotton (in the photo I have used an old cotton sheet), this allows the silk to breath and further protect it. Finally seal it in either a plastic bag or garment bag.

Well, that was today’s lesson on Dupioni Silk, hope you’ve learned something! Have a great long weekend!

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