First of all, Happy Holidays to everyone! Hope you have a safe and pleasant one, filled with good food and good times with family!

This is my special gift for you, Part 4 of my “making of” series! In this you can see me finish up the lining by sewing it to the bodice, and creating that “sweetheart” neckline. It’s pretty straight-forward.

After this was done I moved on to the buttons, 35 satin covered ones. This took me the greatest amount of time for one simple task. It’s very tedious. I make it look easy, but after 35 the hammering and pushing really does a number on your fingers and hands (you can see I already have an iron burn!). But all the pain was worth it, I think is it one of the best features of my dress.

In my brief frustration of trying to get these buttons to cover without fraying and falling apart (GRR!) I came up with a brilliant solution. I used something called “Fray-Check” by Dritz. A small amount around the fabric piece and left to dry really helped getting the fabric to stay intact.

Hope you enjoy, and watch out for a Lucy cameo. It’s fast!

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