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Wear-it-Again Bridal Alterations

Who says a wedding gown only gets worn once? You’ve spent all this time searching, trying on God only knows how many dresses, spent a pretty penny on it in the end, only to wear it one evening that passes by in what seems like a single second.

The dress is yours now, but is it doomed to hang in your closet until your daughter kindly refuses to wear it in her wedding? NO! I’m here to tell you there is another option.

Have your gown professionally re-done into a less formal piece of attire so you can wear it anywhere, anytime!

Here are just a few examples of things that can be done (depending on the style of the original dress, the possibilities are endless!)

  • Shorten the hemline to knee or shorter
  • Adding straps or sleeves to a strapless gown
  • Removing a certain fabric from the gown (like lace or tulle for less fullness)
  • Exchanging the top layer of the skirt to a different fabric or color.
  • Getting rid of long trains or bustles

For more information on the custom dressmaking process visit the Bridal and Gowns page or feel free to Contact Britney for a quote on your dress.

Here’s a Before and After example:

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