Less than 6 months!

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Less than 6 months!

Well, it’s less than six months till my wedding day! It’s going by quickly for sure, and so much left to do. We have chosen our Honeymoon location (Hilton Waikoloa Village) in Hawaii. Looking forward to that! Sun, dolphins, beaches, looks incredibly romantic and we deserve a nice vacation!

Started on my dress this past 2 weeks. Trying very hard to conceal it from Ryan. Just finished fitting the bodice, which is a lot more difficult on yourself. Good thing I have a dress form! I am documenting the process through video, I will post it up in segment once the wedding is over and with. Not a “how-to video” more like a showcase of my skill that I hope everyone will find interesting.

Unfortunately with me taking on the designing of my own dress it leaves me little time to commit to any future projects. Please still feel free to request a quote and I will get back to you. Just be aware of the circumstances I am under for the next few months!

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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