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True Buffy fans, like me, would know who these two are. Spike and Dru are infamous in the Buffyverse. I have always loved the dynamic of  their relationship. So twisted, but sweet. She, a young English catholic turned by Angelus for her clairvoyance and visions in 1860. This was after he had murdered her entire family and drove her delightfully insane.

She joined Angelus and his maker/lover Darla on a bloody rampage through Europe. In 1880 she met William, a shy English poet who had just been rejected by the love of his life, taking advantage of his vulnerability she sired him and they became inseparable, he later taking on the name “Spike”. His bleached blonde hair and pronounced cheekbones made him an iconic character of the show for many seasons.

I can’t wait to finish my costume, Ryan and I are gonna look awesome. Stay tuned for pictures!

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