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It’s that time of year again! Time to start planning your costume and here’s some cool ideas to get you started.

Popular movies of 2011 that are just begging for costumes:

1. Comic book movies Thor, Captain America, Green Lantern, X-Men First Class- Bring out the bright colored spandex and go crazy re-creating your favorite superhero of 2011.

2. Harry Pottershow off your love for the spectacled wizard franchise for the last time.

3. Pirates of the Caribbeanyo ho yo ho… think accessories! Gold, gems and alike atop a long skirt, loose top and corset. 

4. Cowboys & AliensLove the mix of old west style and futuristic weaponry. 

5. Red Riding Hoodgo for a medieval/gothic look, and don’t forget the red hood and cape.

6. Conan (the Barbarian)fur, leather, animal bones and not much else.

7. Sucker PunchI would so be Babydoll this year if I didn’t have a costume planned. Blonde pigtails, sailor/school girl outfit, samurai sword and gun. She makes one awesome heroine.  

8. Twilight: Breaking Dawnnot particularly fond of this series but for some in might be fun to go as (or spoof if you share my thinking).

New spin on a classic:

The ol’ take an occupation and make it sexy: Sexy Nurse, Sexy Cop = BORING. Throw some Zombie in the mix and you’ve got a costume hit. Zombie school girl? Zombie maid? Zombie chef? And even better when going with a group, zombie apocalypse anyone?

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