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Custom Bridal Gowns, Dresses and Costumes


Learn more about WoWMy Name is Britney King. Elise Tonn is my Grandmother and I carry on her air of class, intelligence, strength and charm through my designs. I owe every ounce of fashion creativity and sewing ability to her.

I believe I bring a fresh and young sense of design to each gown. As a seamstress I have the knowledge to construct a garment, but as a wife I know the emotion behind wearing a wedding gown and the feeling it is meant to bring. With these two pieces of my heart I can create the gown you’ve always envisioned.

Every woman deserves to be comfortable and look not only beautiful, but also look herself on her wedding day. Choosing to have a custom bridal gown made allows for infinite possibilities. Let your dress show off who you are, or even your interests with a themed wedding gown.

I work with you closely throughout the entire process, a personal service beyond any expectations. Your gown is made to your measurements, your style and your budget. Take a look at some past projects and see if a custom bridal gown is right for you.

From Concept

To Reality

The Process

Everything begins with a free consult. I will sit down and discuss your ideas in detail; from fabric choice and colour to the type of hem. After taking some in-depth measurements I will be ready to start your pattern. From there, at least for you, the rest is cake!

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Using computer aided drafting software to make a starting pattern, then altering it by hand to your own unique design. Next a muslin or first draft of your dress is made for an initial fitting.


When the final pattern is complete, it’s time to help you choose the right fabric and materials for your gown. My knowledge of textiles and care for them will help make your garment last.


The last step in the dressmaking process where the sewing and construction of your gown is done using the final pattern. After another 1 or 2 fittings your gown will be complete.

Sewing Lessons

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Design Studio

my creative space

Designing is so close to heart that my studio is my home, literally. This space may be small but it has everything I need for designing and making garments.

When you drop by for a consult, studio cat Lucy will require some affection…

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